Energetic Medicine

Connecting you with your natural environment.

Humans are intricately connected to nature and the environment surrounding us. Modern lifestyles can often interfere with our connection's to mind, body and spirit and thus energetic medicine can help restore balance and harmony in these areas. 

Energetic and vibrational medicines include

  • Flower essences

  • Homeopathic remedies


Diagnostics, testing and investigations

Testing and investigations can form part of our treatment recommendations as they can accurately identify what is going on inside our body. Testing or pathology will be discussed during your consult and may not be applicable to everyone. Some fee's will apply to particular tests.


  • Allergy testing (skin prick, food panels, blood tests)

  • Digestive function tests (SIBO, microbiome mapping)

  • General health (iron studies, vitamin d, B12, liver function)

  • Hormone panels (dutch test)


A window into your health.

Examination of your eyes can reveal a lot about your current health, predispositions and how you may respond to treatment. Iridology photos can be taken and results discussed with you. Iridology is not a diagnostic tool but it is a brilliant way to understand you better. 


  • High quality images of your eyes

  • Iridology analysis reports

Nutritional Medicine


Food as medicine

The foods we eat can either hinder or enhance our health. Nutrients are required for a variety of processes in the body, so when we are not gaining nutrients from foods we can become depleted and illness can occur. There are various ways to restore nutritional status in a tailored way.


  • Nutritional compounds

  • Supplements

  • Food as medicine

  • Celloids

Herbal Medicine


Enhancing your health with herbs and supplements

Herbal medicines are derived from specific plants which have proven results in healing. Herbal medicines are safe, effective and supportive for people of all ages. Herbal preparations can come in a range of forms.


  • Liquid herbs

  • Teas

  • Supplements

  • Topical preparations

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