Optimising your gut health for running.

Runner’s Gut? 8 Quick Tips to turn your run into fun.

One of the most common problems for runners is gastrointestinal issues in training and on race day, racing from nausea, gut pain, diarrhoea and cramping. It can be from race nutrition that is not suitable for your body, hydration, general nutrition, poor gut health, anxiety/nerves, pace, temperature - so many reasons!

This can be exacerbated by nerves and excitement on race day, however there are some tips to minimise this happening and having you focus on your run instead of where the next toilet stop is.


1. Fibre - Low fibre diet is recommended the morning of, and for some, the night before the event. This is the one time I recommend white bread & avoiding whole-grains.

2. Hydrate - Hydration is important all the time, not just the day before. Poor hydration can play a role in constipation & resulting in bowel emptying when you run. Not ideal! Have a glass of room temperature water on waking.

4. Caffeine - Caffeine can aid with bowel motions. However, timing the caffeine well so the bowel movement isn't happening on your run is the key. Some people aren't tolerant of caffeine so this is something that needs to be tested.

5. Gut Irritants - Dairy (predominantly cow's milk), artificial sweeteners & sugar alcohols can be a digestive trigger for many runners. It's worthwhile having a test period without these in the diet.

6. The essential toilet visit - Giving yourself sufficient time to visit the toilet to allow your bowels to function without the stress of running late. Many of us get stage fright, even our bowels.

7. Oats - Skip the oats the morning of an event or run. No, there's no science behind it that I can find, other than fibre. However, I have many clients who have ditched the oats pre-run and have a happy runner's gut!

8. Food Timing - Ensure there is enough time to digest food before your run. Liquid energy can be a better option if you are short on time.

9. Use your breath - More so for events or performance sessions where anxiety & nerves can come into play. Deep breathing/square breathing can be very helpful here.

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Tried everything? Still having issues with diarrhoea, nausea or gut pain? Your runs would be perfect if you had a happy gut?

It might be time to book in for a consult - Happy Gut, Happy Runner!


About Alethea!

Alethea is a Clinical Nutritionist graduating with a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine (BHSc). Aletha loves to run and is a rock chick behind the scenes. You’ll find Alethea most days running the beachfront, out on the local trails or creating plans for her clients. Alethea doesn’t believe in nutrition perfection, her approach is personal for you allowing you to live and perform your best.

Alethea's interests are with athletes and gut health (digestive issues, IBS, IBD, bowel health, reflux/heartburn). Alethea has worked with runners and endurance athletes from the weekend warrior, first time marathoner, world championship Ironman athletes and a local runner who completed 31 Marathons in 31 Days.

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