Leaning into energy work, what is it all about?

Feeling pulled toward an energy session but still not entirely sure what they're all about? Have a read through this Q&A with Kelsey, from Nadi Space to learn more about the world of energetic healing and connecting back to our bodies.


What are some signs you might benefit from a session?

We are constantly in a feedback loop of ‘data’ between our inner and outer worlds; having the awareness and discernment to interpret this data is a very useful skill to refine.

When the body talks, we need to be energetically bilingual – as we learn to read the signals that the body is providing, we are able to understand where energetic blockages are being held, and lean into what they are rooted in. Becoming conscious to this stagnancy means we are able to acknowledge it, make the necessary adjustments, and release ourselves of the binds.

A few examples that help us recognise when our body begins to tell us that it is time to sit in stillness, practice self-care, journal and possibly look at an energy clearing include –

  • Physical sluggishness

  • Mental fatigue

  • Feeling ‘stuck in a rut’

  • Lacking discernment

  • Lacking motivation

  • Emotional reactivity or detachment

  • Physical pain or distress

  • Anxious feelings or self-limiting beliefs

  • Self destructive behaviours

Do I need to bring questions, or have a particular reason to have a session?

Not at all, it completely depends on what calls you to a session; some use these sessions to recharge, to aid in healing, or to delve deeper into, and understand better, their own internal worlds.

It can be helpful to hold an intention toward what you would like to get out of the session (though sometimes you may be surprised that something perceived to be completely unrelated, surfaces instead!)

For example, if you’re feeling depleted or run down, then holding the intention that you will feel revitalisation in your energy levels, can help.

Or, if you’re looking to shift some emotional stagnancy, you can hold the intention that the session will gently and safely release these emotions to be acknowledged and cleared.

That said, some just really enjoy the relaxation and calm that comes with dropping into an undisturbed space, and without having any particular focus, use it as a form of ongoing self-care - like a massage or a facial.

How long do sessions go for?

A typical session goes for 60 minutes, where we will cover off any questions you may have, as well as the energy work. I make sure to leave ample buffer time between sessions, should we be called to go a bit over.

I am also available for 90 minute sessions when some extra support is requested, just reach out.

How might I feel after a session?

Experiences vary not only by person, but also by session! Some experience a noticeable spike in energy, while other times feel super relaxed and want to retreat for some ‘cocoon’ time alone. You may feel some relief in injuries or where there has been ongoing pain, you may feel an incredible shift in perception – without having had your circumstances change.

I always say to clients to try and breathe some space into your day post-session, where you don’t have to be anywhere or answer to anything (I understand this is not always possible), and steer clear of alcohol – this gives you the opportunity for your treatment to integrate.

There may be emotional releases or ‘tests’ surface in your reality at any point from straight after, up to weeks after your treatment – where the emotional blocks or stagnancy that the session has got flowing again, will come into your awareness to be acknowledged… This could come in the form of a disagreement with a loved one, a memory surfacing out of nowhere, or emotions bubbling up in your physical vessel – crying, anger, sadness, anxiety – try not to be fearful when this happens, the physical is always the last point in which a blockage clears in the body. Always contact your Practitioner for additional support if you feel out of your depth.

Does Kelsey connect with historic trauma, or recent events?

This is a tricky one! But a good one. I am kinaesthetic in my approach, in that I am able to feel energy without needing to physically touch someone, and often have information about the person I’m treating fed-back to me through my own body. Through years of study, my own intuition and healing, treating clients, as well as constantly asking my own practitioners (across an array of modalities) millions of questions (!), I have built a strong understanding of the metaphysical elements to the body - which then informs a treatment.

Where I might feel something intensely, it might be because it’s a deep, old, trauma that hasn’t been acknowledged - or it can be something that you’re feeling very strongly in the moment.

It’s imperative to note just how guided we are as spiritual beings - these traumas and blockages surface to be cleared when the time is right, in your path. I treat what is presented to me because this will likely be the best way I can help you at that moment in time.

It’s very multifaceted and I’m sorry I can’t give a more direct answer as each circumstance is so nuanced!

What can energy work help me with?

Ahhh, the opportunities are truly endless! I will always only go off my own experiences and those of my clients - everything is of course so specific to the individual and I get so excited every single time to hear the journeys that present themselves to a client after a session.

I am the conduit to the session, or a third-party facilitator – I do not decide what we are going to focus on or how a session will unfold – I am there to aid in opening up the channel between you and source, so that information can flow through to you to inform you on your own healing journey.

In terms of some more pointed examples -

  • I have treated clients with niggling injuries that wouldn’t go away - but have cleared after a session

  • Clients who have gone through break-ups and felt unsupported, struggling to get emotional respite

  • Worked through financial patterns and blockages - I am by no means a financial advisor - but there are incredible energetics to money, often tied to inherited or acquired beliefs rooted in our energy field to be considered, where money is involved

  • Clients feel peaceful, relaxed and calm during sessions with renewed energy afterward

  • Clients often feel more connected with themselves, more trusting of their own intuitive guidance as it flows through. The most transformative example of this I can give you, is after my first ever energy session I just knew to stop drinking alcohol - and totally lost any desire! And have not felt called to drink alcohol since.

  • People generally just report more synergy in their lives and more alignment between their inner and outer worlds

Does a session like this work for something like anxiety, stress or low mood?

From my own experiences, I absolutely believe so. Often when we’re feeling this, it can be hard to have the emotional availability to explore where it is stemming from. We don’t sleep well, we’re pushing ourselves to show up in our personal and professional lives, we are feeling burnt out! The last thing we feel like doing is sitting down and delving into the recesses of our mind… Energy sessions not only provide a safe space for these emotions to come to the surface, they charge our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies up life force energy, often giving us the energy we need to be able to perhaps confront a situation, or open ourselves up to exploring it. Once we experience the positive shift that comes with exploring the root cause of a situation, we feel so much lighter being freed of it – I have experienced many who, after feeling this lightness again (or for the first time), are driven to keep pursuing the healing journey.

Is one session enough to feel improved or do you need multiple sessions?

I will leave that wholly up to you and whether you feel like my offering resonates with what you need, and whether you want to approach these sessions on a case by case basis, or as an ongoing tool in your own healing journey.

Having said that, there is nothing linear with healing and we will often circle back to explore things deeper, as our awareness expands; sometimes you will go with the one practitioner through that journey, and other times you will need to draw on different ones to expand.

I would always say give yourself a few weeks post-session to allow your energy to settle and see how you feel after that. If you feel called to book in again, then you are more than welcome to. It can be treated as self-care maintenance, or you might not feel the need to come back for another 6 months - only you can know what is best.

Do I come prepared with specific questions, or does it unfold throughout the session?

In an initial consult I will always scan the body and get to know your energy field - regardless of whether you are coming in for a specific reason or not, so no, it is not necessary.

Scanning your energy field informs me where you may be holding stagnancy or be depleted in energy and depending on what area it is, I am able to understand where in your emotional or physical reality this can be related to.

For those coming in for something specific, I will always treat the area, but ensure that I take a holistic approach to treating the body - I can feel some energetic stagnancies over a foot off the physical body, which is wild!

Drawing on my own experiences - some of the best sessions I personally have had, are when I’m open to just seeing what comes up - to direct me toward what I will delve into, and peel the layers back on, next.


If anything has come up for you during this read, and you would like to explore this in a safe and supported way, Kelsey is available for sessions Wednesday and Fridays at the studio.

Kelsey Roberts.

Energy worker and Reiki Master.

Kelsey from Nadi Space acts as a conduit for higher guidance and life force energy. Holding a safe space for her clients on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, she facilitates unlocking and shifting stagnancy held in the energetic body - which when left unacknowledged, can manifest in our day to day lives as distress in the physical body, emotional blocks, behavioural patterns and general feelings of disharmony.


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