Alethea Mills


Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine)

People often imagine a consultation with a nutritionist is talking about food and walking away with a meal plan, sure it can be , however we offer a lot more value to your health than telling you what to eat. I decided to undertake a science degree in nutrition after having my health decline and consistently reaching dead ends each time and then found positive change in the world of nutrition. I also found in this nutrition world that it was flooded with all sorts of advice and recommendations from “experts” and was completely overwhelming, so I took a step out of my sales and marketing career to explore the world of health to help others.

An experienced nutritionist


The degree included nutritional biochemistry, pathology of health and disease, pharmacology, sports nutrition, public health and western diagnostics providing a scientific education to combine with a holistic approach to health. When working with me, I provide life experience, combined with scientific education and a genuine care for your health with a compassionate ear and treatment plans personalised for you. My treatment plans will include dietary and lifestyle recommendations, testing and supplementation (when and if required)


In-person 830-1230 Tuesday and 100-730 Wednesday (Goodkind Studio) / Online Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday


​• Initial $150

• Return $90

Areas of interest

  • Gut Health/Digestive Issues (IBS/IBD, Bowel health (diarrhoea, constipation), SIBO, bloating, reflux/heartburn

  • Sport/Performance Nutrition: Performance & Recovery, Event plans, Injury prevention & repair. My focus is on runners, trail runners, triathletes and endurance events, however I do have experience with other sports.

  • Mood & Wellbeing:  Fatigue, Anxiety, Stress, Sleep disturbances